Woke up this morning top to toe still in a lovely nettle sting style rash. Off for a shower and to put cream on then a quick IV hit of Prition to settle it down.



I am drained today my energy levels have just disappeared but the doctor states that now due to not having an immune system my energy levels will be low until the re generate.

Feeling very sick today but i think this is due to lack of energy. I am very happy with the treatment and this is the final INFUSION

1 point I must make is it is vital that you drink plenty of  WATER (H2O) whilst on the treatment otherwise you will get a horrendous headache that can go on and on.

The staff at Salford Royal are fantastic and the treatment I have received here at the hospital has been amazing.

Well the Infusion has finished and with just an hour to wait after the infusion, I am looking forward to getting home and seeing the family.

I have been given strict instructions that I must rest and take all the medications prescribed to me. It is a course of 33 days Antibiotic and Anti Viral medications on top on my usual daily dose.

On landing at home the kids especially Tilly were made up to see me although after about 1 hour I was fast asleep on the settee only waking up to go to bed.

It’s great to be home and now It is vitally important for no stress and plenty of rest as my immune system is 0 (ZERO)