Day 4 is here and I have NO Steroids today, so today can be the day that you can develop a rash on your body that looks like Nettle Stings.

Lemtrada Infusion all hooked up and within 30mins I go rapidly downhill. RASH has developed all over my body and my body feel lifeless to the point I am struggling to just support my head!

Today is a day of lying on the bed and just letting the drug do what it needs to do.

This is the worst day of the infusion to date – I have never felt so ill and the top to toe rash drives you wild, although you are given IV piriton and a cream to stop the iching.

This is for sure MY worst day on the treatment but we are 4 infusions down and 1 to go.

I know these last few blogs don’t seem to be all nice and lovely. BUT I WANTED YOU TO GET AN HONEST FEEL TO HOW I HAVE REACTED TO THE DRUG.

Even though I have been feeling terrible I am excited for the future and IT HAS BEEN WORTH IT.

SO NO complaints from me re the treatment – It is just quite Harsh!