Finally the day has arrived for me to undergo the treatment I have been desperate to get on. This drug although is harsh can help slow down the progression of my MS.

In very simple speak the drug strips your Immune system to nothing and in turn it is hoped that when the immune system grows back it is not as affected by the MS virus that is running around my body.

This  will not cure MS but can slow down the progression

Anyway these posts are going to be short and tell you my experience on the drug whilst in hospital for the 5 day infusions

6:30am Monday 23rd April 2018 – Its official I am now shitting it!!! I am say here at Salford Royal Hospital waiting for unit to open and to go and get my bed for the 5 days.

7am – In I go and get settled the staff are all the same as the staff I used to see for my Tysabri Infusion. Staff fantastic and looking after me very well.

The first thing to give is some bloods and urine sample that get fast tracked to the Labs to make sure no infection and that I am ok to go on the treatment. This takes some time so a little bit of waiting around.

In this time the doctor visits and keeps you very well informed. Well everything came back clear and I am hooked up to a bag of steroids (this is for the first 3 days). The Steroids are to help you tolerate the drugs and combat some of the Fatigue.

WELL first day I had a small boat of sickness and I will be honest felt horrific to the point I wanted to just curl up in a corner. ALSO a massive Headache but this was down to not drinking enough WATER

Once the Lemtrada hit my system I could feel myself go downhill.

But this is to be expected and Day 1 is over now and roll on Day 2