I’m glad to say I am back and able to post some great news. Since the last time I posted I have been allowed to change my MS treatment from Tysabri as my JC Virus is positive and raising so to stop the risk of the brain virus becoming over active, I am finally going on LEMTRADA.

This it’s self is a massive risk with the side effects being a lot worse than other treatments but the positives if the treatment goes well far out weighs the negatives if it goes wrong. I may be asking people for a spare Kidney if it goes wrong so please stand by you email / Mobile 👍👍

If you read a paracetamol packet the side effects would stop you from taking it, but we don’t and I am very much a glass half full person and I’m in for a penny in for a pound kind of guy. If you don’t try you will never know

I should have chosen this treatment from the start when I first got diagnosed or at least sought more advice before starting my treatment, but it’s difficult because at first being diagnosed you are still in denial and pick the treatment with less potential side effects as you are already in pain and feel horrific. So the though of adding the side effects to that just messes with your head.

My suggestion would be to take a step back at your diagnosis stage and she offered treatment seek advice from medical staff and also telephone the MS society to see if they have any advice or know of people who have been on treatment and can offer advice.

It’s been 11 weeks since I had any MS treatment and let me tell you my body is now beginning to fail me. I struggled with my Zimmer frame today to walk the short distance from my car to Tilly’s classroom. This is the bit that frustrates me because I would collect Tilly and then play games or just run around having fun. I miss not being able to do it and not being the Dad I used to be!!

WELL ON THAT NOTE – it’s is 4 days until I go and start my treatment. It will be goodbye immune system and hopefully a new immune system grows back with he MS disease less active. 🤞🤞