Good Morning everyone,

If you read this blog and see plenty of spelling mistakes or a full stop scattered in there where it shouldn’t be then I apologise now. I can explain – as I am in hospital again and we have discovered a great deal : in particular that I suffer from body spasms especially my hands.

I am currently in Tameside General Hospital and the treatment & care I have been given is OUT OF THIS WORLD to the point that’ I intend on writing a letter to their Chief Executive to tell.them how good the treatment and care has been whilst in.

So How did I end up in Tameside General Hospital:

Well exactly a week ago

I was sat in my chair and can. Remember feeling a lot of pain surging down my spine so I took all my allowed prescribed drugs. I remember then getting a feeling that I needed some chocolate so off I popped the Nats Nibbles to get some. On coming back to my desk, ..Steve was going to warm up,his soup and he asked was I ok. I told him I’d had all my drugs so should be ok. Apparently I wasn’t and I don’t remember the next paragraph 😬 This next paragraph is solely hearsay.

I was unresponsive looking at the floor but still having my Non Epileptic Attacks whilst the we waited for the paramedic and in turn the ambulances to come. It didn’t take them long to decide I was going to hospital. I must thank Geoff, Steve, Lorraine and Paul for looking after me and for Geoff skilfully driving me downstairs in my electric wheelchair. It just show that I am working I’m worked no in the right location and environment

After arriving at hospital I was still zoned out for a while but once my wife arrived I started to come around. The only problem was I didn’t recognise my wife or pictures of my kids plus to make things worse my mouth wouldn’t say the words i was thinking. This was very frightening for not only me but I think it was more upsetting for my wife because she had never experienced such odd behaviour from me. After some more intravenous drugs ,