Well the nerve pain in my spine (sharp electric shocks) have never stopped but since Boxing Day the pain has increased to the point I am struggling to cope & get about.

Been to the doctors and just got prescribed Codine – to be fair I feel there is not much the GP can do. Plus I never see the same GP these days !!! Codine is not really gonna help my nerve pain but makes me feel drunk – As. You can see I’m still awake as cannot sleep..

Just wish I could get rid of this pain as a lot of people who have never had it just don’t understand what it is like and also don’t realise that people with MS have totally different symptoms.. Further more it’s also not the easiest as I have no feeling in my right arm and leg including no sight in my right eye…

Advice from doctor was to contact my MS Nurse – I tried to explain that I have no chance as I have been waiting for contact from him since the 11th November 2017!!!

Anyway I am looking at organising An MS Golf day in the North West and also see if we can put some lessons in place to help people with MS through golf. Golf helps physically and with cognitive behaviour.