Sorry I’ve not posted for a while but with juggling work and the family including a 5th Birthday Party for Tilly. I have not had time to write any post.

I have also been getting in bed at night and after taking my medication I have been falling asleep quite nicely and to be fair upon waking in the early hours I have decided to catch up on this Peaky Blinders TV show. I must say this is well worth a watch!!

With regards to my MS well things are going ok and other than the usual pain we have been ticking along nicely. I have been offered to try Mavenclad which is a new drug that has been passed by NICE recently and does get good reviews although the tests against Tysabri have not been conducted head to head, so not sure if this would be a step in the right direction.

In other matters I have decided to keep myself busy and i have taken up the Role of Junior Organiser at Haydock Park Golf Club and I plan on going down to the club and helping arrange and oversee the Junior Section improve / grown and progress.  I didn;t realise how much this initially entailed but I am relishing the role now and will do the role tot he best of my ability.

I must thank the Golf Club including Ian Latto for showing confidence in me and also Golf England and The Golf Foundation Regional Staff for their support.


Finally I wish all my followers of ITSONLY2LETTERS a Merry Christmas ans Happy New Years and keep battling away no matter what what is put in front of you

Just remember life is an adventure and meant for living for the day!!

Speak in the New Year x