Having had 3 weeks of good health and being able to practise I was off for my 2nd Golf Lesson. This now being at Adrian’s new home of teaching at The Liverpool Golf Centre.

Lets start by talking about the Golf Centre. On arrival i was greeted by a very attentive young fella behind the counter who sold me some range balls so i could warm up. Very reasonable prices and must say the balls are above good quality. I was then offered a free cup of coffee and he showed me what the centre can offer (I will list these below)

Driving Range – 250yrds long but with work being carried out putting a large banking around the range. This will stop balls flying over the back but more importantly and not sure if this was the idea, but this will lessen crosswinds in turn nice practice conditions.

Teaching Bays with GASP systems and SkyTrak along with a Trackman 4 teaching bay.

Artificial Chipping and putting green – i must say I was a little dubious having a go on this but i must say it is very similar to USGA greens to chip onto. The putting green is fabulous to work on your stroke.

Crazy Golf Section for a bit of lighthearted fun.

Cafe serving good honest food at very good prices

Well stocked shop with up to date clothing / shoe brands and recent trending clubs.

Well onto the Lesson. We continued to work hard on getting my swing plane more neutral although this feel like i am swing it flat and thinking I look like i am swinging like Matt Kuchar (Not that i wouldn’t mind a 2nd place in the Open and such a great playing career!). Watching my swing back on the video shows that it is bang on plane.

We also continued to work hard on my weight transfer, or in old fashioned speak a shift of weight and then a turn of the body (Bump & Turn) to start my downswing and then in turn quieting my hands down and allowing my turn to control my clubface.

This move i am finding very tricky with my condition due to the NO feeling in my right leg and the spasticity in my left leg. With this in mind, on the days that my legs will activate then i will try my best to work at it.

All in All a great lesson @solidgolf and a winter of work to come.