Today I am wheelchair bound just like yesterday. The reason being I have no feeling in not my legs due to my MS and Functional Neurological Disorder. So being sensible I think it’s a good idea to take the take Met or Tram 🚃 however you like tondescribe it .Well not being a regular wheelchair user it has opened my eyes 👀 quite a lot. I have found that the younger generation (I am only 39 so I still believe I am down with the kids) are so kind and helpful when you are in a wheelchair where as the older generation look 👀 at me with 2 heads and are disgusted with me that they have to move from the wheelchair parking bay. It’s like they are in Groundhog Day or something 

What I can say is because you are in a chair people physically have to look down on you that is just fact but I understand what permanent wheelchair users must feel when they say “people are looking down on them” I think over time it must get a bit frustrating and emotional for permanent wheelchair users.

Me I couldn’t give a flying f£&k as I’m happy to cause havoc 😂😂😂 and drive over peoples feet but that’s just me and rather than look around at people actually looking down at me I read the golf 🏌️ on my phone.

Guess what I’m trying to say is if you come across a wheelchair user please just treat them the same as yourself as we ARE and funnily enough I’m on this early tram 🚃 going to work “yes that’s right I still work – even in a wheelchair”  Alrhough I would sooner be on the golf course, hopefully not long now till I’m back