Well what can I say!! 27/8/17 is the day my amazing wife gave birth to Little Stanley Bibby who is now the little brother to Kate and Tilly. 

After 32hrs of what must have been pure hell of labour (I’ll never complain about pain again – well maybe not never) My beautiful wife gave birth to my son. 

To be honest all the way through the pregnancy we thought it would be another girl as both my girls are clones of each other, so we convinced ourselves another stormtrooper of a girl was going to arrive. 

Shock to the system when the midwife delivered the baby and said to me “so what have you got” and my exact words were not “it’s a boy” but in fact I shouted “it’s got a willy”. The word Willy! what am I still junior school? 

So Stanley is here and he is loving having Tilly look after him and I know Tilly is absolutely besotted with him.

Mum is doing fantastic and as you can tell I am over the moon. 

My very special family I am one very lucky man 

See you all soon