What a great day Katie, Matilda and I went to Knowsley Safari Park. I couldn’t resist playing the Lion King music on entering the park.

We had a fabulous time driving through the park and we all were very excited to drive through the Monkey Enclosure especially when one cheeky bugger jumped on my bonnet and pulled off the plastic strip  around my windscreen. To make matters worse he then had a piss on my bonnet 😂😂

After lunch we went to watch the Seal Lion display which was brilliant and would certainly be something I would go to watch again.

​We then went into the Bat 🦇 house which again was fantastic with Tilly wanting to stay in there for ages watching the bats 🦇 whizz past and land nearby. 
All in all I can definitely say that Knowsley Safari Park was well worth the visit and we would go again.

Make sure if you go in the 🐒 enclosure you  are not in your favourite car 🚗 😂